Advanced Techniques for Shoulder, Arm and Thorax – 6, 7, 8 septembre 2024 – Laval, Québec


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Formateur: Tom Myers Anatomy Trains
Dates: 06, 07, 08 septembre 2024
Heures: 9h à 17h
Lieu: Otha Yoga, 233 Bd Sainte-Rose #350, Laval, QC H7L 1L7
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Prix régulier: 1050$+tx après le 09 août 2024
Langue d’enseignement: Anglais
Professionnels visés par cette formation: Ostéopathes, Physiothérapeutes, T. Phys, Thérapeutes du Sport, Chiropraticiens, Massothérapeutes Sportifs, Kinésithérapeutes, Orthothérapeutes & aux

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Description de la formation

Join Tom Myers for this 3-day intensive, going above and beyond most soft-tissue release classes. Tom provides sophisticated assessment and strategy, applied through fascial release techniques for the shoulders, arms, thorax and neck.

Create a balance of mobility and stability and expand functional movement in this upper girdle complex.

Due to its inherent mobility and precarious position, shoulders need to be balanced within themselves, as well as integrated with the neck and thorax.

Many problems in the shoulder arise from lack of support, and in turn, imbalanced shoulders may cause dorsal and cervical deviations that lead to radiating issues down the arm.

The course proceeds briefly through balancing large surface muscles to concentrate on the muscular slings that hold the girdle to the torso, and on into the core of the rotator cuff and ligaments around the three joints of the shoulder.

Learn to recognise common patterns and incorporate soft-tissue strategies for how to unravel them relative to the whole body.

Tom will outline the 4 Anatomy Trains arm lines and 3 functional lines, which carry our work from the arm’s origin on the axial skeleton to the intricacies of the wrist and radio-ulnar movement.

Learn to see, learn to act.

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